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Dental Insurance Plans Without A Missing Tooth Clause

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Dental Insurance Plans Without A Missing Tooth Clause

Here at the Dental Insurance Shop we do have an excellent option for individuals who want dental implant insurance but may have found too many companies with a missing tooth clause in their contract.

Denali Dental offers two different plans with three different benefit levels that all cover dental implants with no waiting period and no missing tooth clause. These plans are an excellent option for individuals who are looking to get dental implants to replace teeth that they have been missing a short time or for a long time. One of the best things about the Denali Dental plans is they all have increasing benefit levels the longer you stay on the plan. So if you know you're dental work is going to take a few years to get completed you know that the longer it takes the more money you will actually save.

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What Plans Does Denali Dental Offer?

Denali Dental offers two plans that cover dental implants with no missing tooth clause and we will go over them both briefly here. The first plan Denali offers is the Denali Dental PPO plan. This plan is their best selling plan and it comes in three max annual benefit options: $1,200 a year in benefits, $2,500 a year in benefits, and $3,500 a year in benefits. The Denali Dental PPO plan does have a network of dentist you need to use to receive the best dental benefits available in the plan. Click here to check if your dentist is in the Denali Dental network.

My Dentist Was Not In the Network, What Options Do I Have Now?

If your dentist was not in the PPO network but you still want to find a dental insurance plan that will cover the cost of implants for teeth that are subject to the missing tooth clause you can look at Denali Dental's Indemnity dental plan. This plan can be used at ANY dentist - it has no networks!



  • Know the network
  • Know how much you spend and how often you go
  • Know what your plan does and does not cover
  • Know the annual maximum
  • Know if the plan has waiting periods and how long they are

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