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hat types of dental insurance are there?

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Types of Dental Insurance Plans

When trying to buy the best dental insurance plan to fit you, PPO and indemnity are terms that often cause shoppers uncertainty. Learning the differences between the two types can make the buying process easier and can increase your overall satisfaction with the plan you choose.


Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
A preferred provider organization (PPO) puts forward a network of dentists who provide services at a discounted price. Customers covered by PPOs are able to use out-of-network dentists too; but, they will usually cost more to go to. The dental insurance carrier will typically pay for basic benefits, but only pay a fixed monthly premium. Consumers sometimes may require a copayment or coinsurance.


Indemnity Plans
Indemnity plans allows the users to receive dental service from any dentist. There are no network limitations because users are reimbursed a certain amount of the service. When somebody covered by an indemnity plan gets a root canal, their plan pays a specific amount for the service. Anything above that amount is the consumer’s duty to pay.
Indemnity plans can cost more; however, these plans can also be more flexible. Indemnity plans can be the smart choice for those who don’t have a large PPO network around them or want to keep their non-PPO dentist.


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