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7 Things You Should Know About Deep Dental Cleaning

Dental Shop Staff Writer | August 5, 2020

Deep dental cleaning is also commonly known as periodontal scaling, root planing, or SRP. Deep dental cleanings are used to combat gum and periodontal disease. 1. Deep dental cleaning consists of scaling and root planing. Scaling: Remove tartar from the tooth surface and the space in between the teeth and gums, also known as the pockets. Root Planing: Remove plaque and tartar from the roots of the teeth.

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Stannous Fluoride vs Sodium Fluoride: What's the Difference?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | June 19, 2020

Pros of Stannous Fluoride: Easy to get- available over-the-counter, reduces tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, reduces plaque, whitens teeth, fights bad breath Cons of Stannous Fluoride: Treatments of Stannous Fluoride at the dentist, have a small chance of slightly staining your teeth, does not remineralize your teeth

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What does High Fluoride Toothpaste do?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | June 8, 2020

Over-the-counter fluoride toothpaste contains an amount of fluoride that is not harmful if ingested by children. However, this low concentration of fluoride is not enough to remineralize teeth. In order to get a toothpaste that has a high enough fluoride concentration the strengthen teeth, you will need a prescription. High concentration fluoride toothpaste is damaging to developing teeth if swallowed. High fluoride toothpaste works to remineralize your teeth. Enamel cannot be rebuilt, but minerals can be added back into your teeth to strengthen them.

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Are Electric Toothbrushes better than Manual Toothbrushes?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | April 20, 2020

Studies have shown that because of the oscillating bristles, electric toothbrushes are more successful at removing plaque. Electric toothbrushes have a built-in timer to ensure you brush for the full 2 minutes.

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Ameritas Dental Network Expansion

Dental Shop Staff Writer | February 25, 2020

Starting on February 1st, 2020, Ameritas will be expanding their Ameritas Classic and Classic/Plus Dental Networks. More than 9,000 dental care providers will be added to their network. In addition to the February expansion, on March 1st, 2020, the Ameritas Classic Dental Network will expand yet again. This additional expansion will add just over 11,000 dental providers, making Ameritas's network have over 128,000 dental providers.

Why do dental plans have waiting periods?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | February 17, 2020

A waiting period is the delay in between the time of the enrollment effective date and when coverage starts for select services. For instance, there may be a 6-12 month time period before the dental insurance company will pay for a major service.

In-Network vs Out-of-Network Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental Shop Staff Writer | August 29, 2019

What is an in-network dental provider? An in-network dental provider is a provider who has accepted the insurance companies fee schedule and has agreed to have a discounted maximum allowable charge for covered services as long as the member uses a provider within the network. Choosing a dentist within a network will limit your options. What is an out-of-network dental provider? Out-of-network providers are not a part of an insurance company's network of dental providers.

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5 facts to consider when thinking about dental implants

Dental Shop Staff Writer | July 16, 2019

A dental implant is placed into the patient’s mouth as an artificial root, made from titanium, to support a dental crown, denture, or bridge. Currently, this is one of the best ways for long-term tooth replacement. If you are missing a tooth, read these 5 things to consider when thinking about getting a dental implant.

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Dental Implants or Bridgework? What is best for you?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | July 18, 2017

Losing teeth can be a stressful time, but thankfully there are ways your dentist can regain your smile. No matter the amount of teeth, dental implants for fixed bridgework can be the answer. There are a few things to consider when making the correct choice for your teeth and your budget.

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Choosing the Perfect Toothbrush

Dental Shop Staff Writer | July 12, 2017

One of the most impactful decisions in oral health and keeping your teeth clean is choosing the right toothbrush. It can be overbearing with so many options of toothbrushes that you can choose to purchase. However, you must also use your toothbrush correctly along with the right toothbrush.

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What is Endodontics?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | February 6, 2017

When scrolling through many plans and brochures for information on dental insurance plans, there are many terms that come up that you may not now. These terms are important in selecting the best dental insurance plan for you. Endodontics is often one of these terms that may arise confusion. To start to understand it, it stems from Greek and can be broken down into two parts, endo “inside” and odons “tooth”. Endodonitcs is a specialization of dentistry that focuses on dental pulp. If you have had a root canal that falls under endodontics and is the most known example and common of endodontic procedures.

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Why is Dental Insurance Important?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | January 19, 2017

The Affordable Care Act requires that all children 18 and younger carry dental insurance, however it leaves adults to fend for themselves when it comes to oral health. There is a major connection between good oral health and overall good health, and it is well documented. When the legislatures left dental coverage off the list of essential health benefits it sent the wrong message about the important of good oral health.

Dental Insurance Shop Merit Scholarship Program

Dental Shop Staff Writer | September 15, 2016

Are you a high school senior? Do you excel in school academically, but could use some extra financial assistance when it comes to paying for college? The Dental Insurance Shop is proud to announce that they will be offering a $1,000 scholarship to one eligible high school senior who applies before the June 30, 2017 deadline.

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Things to look for when purchasing a dental insurance plan

Dental Shop Staff Writer | April 12, 2016

When buying dental insurance, there are many factors to consider in order to ensure that you are getting a plan that fits your needs. Buying a dental insurance plan can be confusing, but here are some tips to know what to look for. First, be aware of what the plan’s network is. Is it big or small? And if you prefer to keep your dentist, are they included in the network? You should also take into account how often you go to the dentist and what work you usually get done at the dentist. Look at what the plan covers and if it covers what you usually get done.

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Review of Spirit Dental Insurance

Dental Shop Staff Writer | January 12, 2016

Spirit Dental has several dental insurance plans throughout the United States offering a variety of benefits. You may choose plans with annual benefits up to $5,000, three cleanings per year, and coverage for implants with no waiting period. These plans also have extensive coverage for major dental services, and are all reasonably priced. Spirit Dental has dental insurance policies for individuals, families, and seniors.

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Dental Implant FAQ

Dental Shop Staff Writer | January 8, 2016

What is a Dental Implant? Implants take many shapes and sizes depending on the patient’s needs. Most are made of titanium, a very hard and durable metal. This metal has been shown to be 100% compatible with the human body. Dental Implants are not transplants taken from another human. Therefore there are no problems with the rejection reactions associated with transplants such as lungs, or kidneys. In fact, there has never been a case reported in the scientific literature where the body has rejected the materials that are used in today’s advanced Dental Implants. Since they are made of metal and undergo rigorous sterilization procedures approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there is absolutely no possibility of disease transmission.

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Cigna Dental Insurance Plans Now Available!

Dental Shop Staff Writer | July 16, 2015

The Dental Insurance Shop is proud to announce that Cigna Dental is the latest carrier to join Dental Insurance Shop is a multi-carrier platform which offers the capability to get an instant online quote from multiple carriers and compare them side-by-side. This helps ensure that the customer is getting the perfect plan to match their needs and budget.

How do no waiting dental insurance plans work?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | March 25, 2015

Many dental insurance plans now have "waiting periods", which is the time required before certain benefits may be available to a consumer. Many people believe that all services are covered as soon as their plan goes into effect, and this can cause a lot of problems for people. Waiting periods are established by the dental insurance companies to protect themselves from individuals who only want to use the coverage when they are going to incur a large dental expense.

Are there dental insurance plans that cover major services without a waiting period?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | February 17, 2015

Yes there are! Here are the Dental Insurance Shop we offer many dental plans that have no waiting periods! Major dental work can be very expensive, and it gets even more expensive if you don't have insurance.

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Differences between PPO and Indemnity dental insurance plans

Dental Shop Staff Writer | October 13, 2014

When trying to buy the best dental insurance plan to fit you, PPO and indemnity are terms that often cause shoppers uncertainty. Learning the differences between the two types can make the buying process easier and can increase your overall satisfaction with the plan you choose.