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5 facts to consider when thinking about dental implants

Dental Shop Staff Writer | July 16, 2019

First, what even is a dental implant?

A dental implant is placed into the patient’s mouth as an artificial root, made from titanium, to support a dental crown, denture, or bridge. Currently, this is one of the best ways for long-term tooth replacement. If you are missing a tooth, read these 5 things to consider when thinking about getting a dental implant.


                Dental implants help your other teeth


One of the most common tooth replacement techniques is the dental bridge. More often than not, this includes cutting into healthy teeth in order to balance the dental bride. With dental implants the only area that is worked on is the location of the implant itself and the other teeth are not involved. Implants are a foundation to hold any dental prosthesis without harming nearby teeth.


                Implants replace the natural roots for missing teeth


Missing teeth will leave where the original tooth root was empty. However, most tooth replacement options will not restore the root of the tooth.  Dental implants solely replace the root and create a base that is anchored to the jaw. New gum tissue is grown around the implant which creates a natural bond and maintains jawbone mass.


                Eating doesn’t have to change


Unlike dentures or bridges, there is no extra steps necessary to enjoy a bite to eat. It is a natural chewing experience without any pain or increased effort. Your bite force is not altered so it is almost exactly the same as eating with a set of original teeth.


                Implants look natural and feel great


Many people with implants say the only difference in look and feel between their original teeth and implants is that the implants aren’t real. Implants can be customized to look, feel, and fit the same as your other teeth down to every detail. It feels even more natural due to the fact that it is fused to the bone. At the end of the day, your new implant is indistinguishable from your other teeth.


                 Implant procedures boast good success rates


The success of these dental implant procedures depend on the dental health of the patient, which tooth the implant is replacing, and the dentist executing the procedure; usually, dental implants have a success rate nearing 95%. This percentage raises even higher when done by a dental implant specialist.

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