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7 Things You Should Know About Deep Dental Cleaning

Dental Shop Staff Writer | August 5, 2020

Deep dental cleaning is also commonly known as periodontal scaling, root planing, or SRP.

Deep dental cleanings are used to combat gum and periodontal disease.


1.    Deep dental cleaning consists of scaling and root planing.

Scaling: Remove tartar from the tooth surface and the space in between the teeth and gums, also known as the pockets.

Root Planing: Remove plaque and tartar from the roots of the teeth.


 2.    Deep Dental Cleanings vs. Regular Cleaning

Deep Cleanings are similar to a regular teeth cleaning, but rather than stopping at the gum line, a deep cleaning also continues below. Deep teeth cleanings remove tartar off of the roots of the teeth, which causes infection.


 3.    Scaling and Root Planing Tools

Tools used in scaling and root planing: manual dental instruments and/or ultrasonic tools that vibrate to remove the tartar build-up.


 4.    If not treated...

These infections create a pocket between the gum and the tooth, which results in the deterioration of connective tissue and can worsen to bone or tooth loss.


 5.     Heart Health

Oral health and is directly linked to heart health, so it is important to take gum and periodontal disease seriously.


 6.    Do deep dental cleanings hurt?

Dentists use local anesthesia. This numbs your gums and teeth to avoid discomfort. However, for a few days after the cleaning, your gums and teeth may be a little sensitive.


 7.    Are Deep Dental Cleanings covered by Insurance?

Many dental insurance plans will cover part of a deep dental cleaning. Click here to look at what plan options are available to you.


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