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2020 Ameritas Dental Network Expansion

Dental Shop Staff Writer | February 25, 2020

Ameritas Dental Network Expansion

Starting on February 1st, 2020, Ameritas will be expanding their Ameritas Classic and Classic/Plus Dental Networks. More than 9,000 dental care providers will be added to their network. In addition to the February expansion, on March 1st, 2020, the Ameritas Classic Dental Network will expand yet again. This additional expansion will add just over 11,000 dental providers, making Ameritas's network have over 128,000 dental providers.

What is a Dental Network?

A dental network is made up of dental providers who have agreed to the insurance company's fee schedule and to have a discounted maximum allowable charge.

Ameritas Dental Network Plans?

This dental network expansion will greatly enhance the value of two of our most popular dental plans.  Both Spirit Dental and PrimeStar Dental plans utilize the Ameritas network, and will allow access to more in-network dental options.  Saving Spirit and Primestar members money by utilizing and in-network provider.   

What are the benefits of using an in-network dental provider?

Using an in-network dental provider gives you access to these pre-negotiated discounted rates and coordinates with your insurance company's fee schedule. You will save you money on your dentist visits by using an in-network dental care provider.  The amount you would pay by using an out-of-network dentist depends on your specific plan.  Some plans just have you pay the difference in what the usual and customary charge is and what the dentist you went to see charges, plus the percentage you would have paid under the policy. View your plan's brochure to see how your plan covers out-of-network providers.

Why is it beneficial to have a plan with a large network?

Choosing a dentist within your plan's network will limit your options, so having a plan with a large network, like Ameritas Primestar, not only allows you to have more providers to choose from, but allows you to realize significant savings.  See how using an in-network provider can save you money on your dental procedures – Click here.