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How to Find a Dentist Near Me for My Dental Plan?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | June 30, 2021

Beginning steps:

Understand your type of dental plan and what the benefits are.  Knowing your network type based on your type of plan is also an important starting point.

HMO Plans: Only covers in-network dentists

PPO Plans: Covers in-network and out-of-network dentists, but it is cheaper

Indemnity Plans: Do not have a network

Search for a Dentist on the Dental Insurance Shop website:

Each plan has a “Dentist Search” Link

Click the Dentist Search Link and you will be taken to that plans online dentist search tool

Enter your City/State or Zip code to search for dentists

Some dentist search tools will let you filter by name or dentist type

What to look for in a dentist?


To fully utilize the benefits of your dental plan, find an in-network dentist. For HMO plans, you have to visit an in-network dentist.

Talk to Others for Recommendations

Ask the people in your life what their good and bad dentist experiences have been

Good Online Reviews

Our digital age allows the power of word-of-mouth to be amplified. When looking at reviews, look for people talking about billing and financing, the quality of services, and the overall tone amongst reviews.

Specialization in Many Fields

Find a dentist whose talents are high in many areas. Finding a highly specialized dentist should be reserved for specific individual needs.

Up-to-Date Latest Dental Technology

Dental technology has improved immensely over the years so finding a dentist who utilizes this is important.

Flexible Financing

If you think you will need to do any financing, choose a dentist who is willing to work with you on different financing options.

Relationship with Patients

Similar to the online reviews, what is the culture between patients, dentists, and other employees.

Location and Hours

Do the location and hours work well with your schedule?


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