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Primestar Dental Plan Review

Dental Shop Staff Writer | July 8, 2021

Here at Dental Insurance Shop, we offer a multitude of plans from a wide range of companies, all of which offer different coverages. One of the companies that we offer plans from is Ameritas. The Ameritas Primestar plans are some of our best-selling plans. We offer the Primestar Protect Network 1000 PPO and 2000 PPO, as well as the Protect 1000 and 2000 indemnity plans.

The Primestar Protect Network plans have a set network of dentists. If you go to an out-of-network dentist on the PPO plans, your coverage will be a fraction of the amount than if you went to an in-network dentist. This makes it important to check if your current dentist is in-network for the Primestar Protect Network or to find a dentist in network to maximize the value of the PPO plans.

The Indemnity plans allow you to choose whichever dentist you prefer, with the coverage remaining the same. The 1000 and 2000 references the max annual benefit for each plan. All 4 of the plans have an annual deductible of $50. Other than the difference in maximum annual benefits, each plan offers:

  • Immediate 100% coverage for cleanings and x-rays
  • 65% coverage year one for fillings, 80% for year two and beyond
  • 20% coverage year one for major work including root canals, crowns, oral surgery, extractions, and implants
  • 50% coverage for major work year 2 and beyond
  • A large network of dentists
  • No application fee
  • Immediate coverage

Overall, the Ameritas Primestar Plans that we offer through Dental Insurance Shop provide immediate coverage at levels comparable and better than the competition while still maintaining an affordable monthly premium.

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