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Review of Spirit Dental Insurance

Dental Shop Staff Writer | January 12, 2016

Spirit Dental has several dental insurance plans throughout the United States offering a variety of benefits. You may choose plans with annual benefits up to $5,000, three cleanings per year, and coverage for dental implants with no waiting period. These plans also have extensive coverage for major dental services, and are all reasonably priced. Spirit Dental has dental insurance policies for individuals, families, and seniors.


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If you have serious dental needs such as root canals, treatment for gum disease, dental implants, or dentures, then this insurance is perfect for you. These services are all covered IMMEDIATELY upon purchasing the plan. The coverage for major services is between 25-50% the first year, and this percentage increases dramatically the second year. Another nice feature is the lifetime deductible that Spirit Dental plans include. This means that once you have met your deductible, you will never have to pay that fee again for the entire life of your Spirit Dental contract. Most other dental policies will require you to pay your deductible annually.


Getting an online quote is extremely easy, and Spirit's network of dentists is one of the largest available. You can find dentists in multiple specialties on their website, although you should always confirm with your dentist's office that they are still accepting this insurance.


Because Spirit Dental offers a wide variety of benefits for individuals or families who require more than the usual dental care, a lifetime deductible, annual benefits up to $5,000, and no waiting periods for major dental services, these plans are a perfect fit. If you know you have some major dental procedures in your future, you should definitely look at getting a Spirit Dental Insurance plan.

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