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Why is Dental Insurance Important?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | January 19, 2017

The Affordable Care Act requires that all children 18 and younger carry dental insurance, however it leaves adults to fend for themselves when it comes to oral health. There is a major connection between good oral health and overall good health, and it is well documented. When the legislatures left dental coverage off the list of essential health benefits it sent the wrong message about the important of good oral health.


Dental Insurance is a unique insurance product for a few reasons. First, because it is generally lower cost it is affordable for most individuals and families. Second, since you can purchase a dental insurance plan with no waiting period, many people who buy dental insurance are able to use it right away because most dental insurance plans pay for and encourage everyone to go to regular check ups.


Top Three Reasons Dental Insurance Is Worth It.


Reason 1:  To Help Pay For Expensive Dental Work


For many people dental care is as easy as a twice yearly visit to their dentist for a checkup, cleanings, and x-rays. However for others it can be an extremely expensive process including things like oral surgery, root canals, full sets of dentures, or dental implants. Many of these dental expenses tend to go hand in hand with each other so the overall expenses tend to mount very quickly. Depending on the dental insurance plan you have and the max annual benefit you can save hundreds or even thousands on your dental work EVERY YEAR if you need to!


Reason 2: To Maintain a Healthy Mouth


The best way to not have to spend a lot of money on dental work is prevention of oral health problems before they even happen. There have been many studies showing regular dental check-ups and cleanings has a very positive effect on good oral care. That is why most insurance companies pay for free check-ups and cleanings every 6 months.


Reason 3: To Protect Overall Health


As previously stated,  good oral health has a very strong link to good overall health so keeping and maintaining a healthy mouth is an easy way to protect your overall health. Bad oral health can lead to things like diabetes and heart disease.