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Can a cheap dental insurance plan be full coverage?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | February 14, 2018


A cheap dental insurance plan may still be a full coverage plan, but it may not offer a high percentage of coverage for services, or it may have a low maximum annual dental benefit. These are all things you need to consider when shopping around for a full coverage dental insurance plan. One other thing you may have to deal with is waiting periods for specific dental services. 


If you are looking for a plan that has a great value, affordable cost, and offers great coverage that increases every year, we at the Dental Insurance Shop recommend you look at the Spirit Dental Network 1200/2500/5000 Increasing Benefit plan. This plan is affordably priced, and it offers increasing percentages on all dental services after the first two years and also has an increasing maximum annual benefit. Here is a chart that shows how this plans coverages and maximum annual dental benefits increase:




As you can see once you finish your second year of coverage your plan offers an extremely high maximum annual benefit of $5,000 per year per member. It also covers up to 50% of major services, and that paired with the high maximum annual benefit means you can get the most out of your dental insurance coverage and get your dental work done faster than you would be able to on a plan that has a lower maximum annual benefit.

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