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I'm an adult and I need braces. Now what?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | May 16, 2016

If you've been shopping the dental insurance market, it should be no surprise that adult orthodontic coverage is hard to find. Most adult orthodontic procedures are considered part of an elective process because you're choosing to have the work done, which is in a separate category than preventative care such as teeth cleanings. It's helpful to know that even though orthodontic procedures are elective, the Dental Insurance Shop still offers affordable dental plans that provide some orthodontic coverage for not just adults but for all ages.


How do I know if the dental plan I purchase offers coverage for orthodontic procedures?


Pursuing coverage for orthodontic work such as adult braces (or braces at any age for that matter) can feel overwhelming; but, with the Dental Insurance Shop's addition of Denali's PPO plan, look no further. Denali's PPO plan offers $600 a year (for two years and up to $1200 as a lifetime maximum) towards orthodontic work, for ALL ages. This plan offers excellent preventative care and much better orthodontic coverage than paying out of pocket. Click for a free online dental insurance quote through the Dental Insurance Shop today and see what money you could be saving.

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