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PPO Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Shop Staff Writer | September 14, 2016

PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization, are the most popular type of dental insurance plans that are sold in the country. They are preferred to their indemnity counter parts because you generally pay less in premiums for a PPO plan, and they typically offer higher benefits than an indemnity plan.


PPO Dental insurance plans are plans that have a specific network of dentist you need to utilize in order to receive the highest benefit. Every company that offers a PPO network plan will have an online provider directory that allowed you to check to make sure your dentist is in the network before you purchase a plan.


If you have checked all the PPO networks and you are still unable to locate your dentist you can check to see if he is willing to join one of the PPO networks available to you, or you can purchase an indemnity dental plan that allows you to visit any dentist you want.

If you need assistance verifying that your dentist is in a particular network you can livechat with one of our licensed agents or you can call us at 855-871-2242.

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