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Scaling and Root Planing: What is it?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | August 1, 2017

Dental deep cleaning is commonly associated with scaling and root planning. It is used to treat gum disease before it becomes severe. It cleans between the gums and the teeth all the way down to the roots. Anesthetic is necessary to numb your gums during this procedure. The procedure can be done either with an ultrasonic tool or the standard scraping tool. You may need antibiotic fibers placed between your teeth and gums in order to help healing and limit the risk of infection. These fibers need to be removed by a dentist about a week after the procedure. After the treatment there should be little discomfort.


How much does this cost?


This procedure has a wide range of prices that varies by how many teeth need cleaning or even the whole mouth. Even for a whole mouth, the price can range from $400-$4000. General dentists can usually handle the procedure unless the roots are in very bad condition. If they are in the terrible condition then a periodontist may be needed to complete this procedure; however, it will cost you 20-30% more due to their expertise. Variables in the cost can be initial exams, cleanings, x-rays, anesthetic, antibiotic, and the number of teeth. Knowing where the costs are coming from is important to knowing exactly what your


Does my insurance cover it?


Most dental insurance plans will generally cover this type of procedure at around 50%, but the plan’s yearly maximum must also be considered. The yearly maximum is the most a dental insurance plan will pay for in a year and depending on your plan will only be a fraction of the cost of the bill. At Dental Insurance Shop you can get an instant online quote on multiple plans from multiple carriers to fit your needs. We offer plans with full coverage, no waiting periods, and high annual maximums. Another tip is to split appointments into different calendar years (i.e. Initial exams and cleanings in December, and the full procedure in January). Either way you will want to have some type of insurance to mitigate the cost of expensive dental procedures like this.

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