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What Is A Missing Tooth Clause?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | June 23, 2016

In dental insurance, a majority of companies will include a missing tooth clause or a replacement clause in their policy contracts. If your contract has a missing tooth clause, it means that if a tooth was lost before purchasing your new plan, your new dental insurance company holds no responsibility to replace the tooth or cover the cost of the tooth's replacement. If your contract has a replacement clause, your dental insurance company will more than likely hold a waiting period that must pass with the policy in effect before any coverage towards the procedure can be applied.


So what are my financial options?

It is still possible to purchase a dental plan with no missing tooth clause through the Dental Insurance Shop and it is offered through one of our partnered companies Careington Dental. If you have any missing teeth, it is still possible to find coverage that will help ease replacement costs.


Can I still see my normal dentist if I purchase a new plan without a missing tooth clause?

If you are looking to see a specific dentist, or if you are open to looking within a specific network of dentists offered through your plan, the Dental Insurance Shop can definitely assist you with finding a plan without a missing tooth clause. Click below for a free online quote or call 855-871-2242 to speak with one of our agents today.

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