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Looking to retire and need dental insurance?

Dental Shop Staff Writer | July 20, 2016

When people reach retirement, they often lose eligibility for their benefits package from their employer.  Oftentimes early retirees think that, like health insurance, personal dental insurance costs will be high when they are faced with buying their own coverage.  There are many affordable personal dental insurance plans available for those looking to buy their own plans when they retire.  Also when they turn 65, they enroll into Medicare. Medicare includes hospital and medical insurance with Part A and Part B, but generally lacks traditional dental benefits. As more people enter the Medicare market and enter retirement, they should consider purchasing dental insurance to help with the high cost of dental procedures such as: crowns, root canals, extractions, dentures, and there are even plans that have coverage for dental implants.  There are lots to consider since there are many different plans to fit everyone’s specific dental needs, so here are some tips for finding the perfect dental insurance plan for your needs and budget.


1. Consider you dental needs


How often do you go to the dentist? What kind of dental work have you needed done in the past? What kind of work do you anticipate needing? Do you have or will you need dentures or implants? This information can help you pick out the perfect plan and coverage for your needs. If you anticipate needing lots of dental done, you may want to consider a higher monthly premium to save you more money in the long run. Not selecting the right plan could result in high out-of-pocket spending.


2. Dental insurance and dental discount plans were not created equal


Although both save you some money, dental discount plans are not dental insurance plans. Discount plans charge a fee for access to reduced out-of-pocket rates when you receive certain services from a list of participating providers. Dental insurance charges a monthly premium to provide specific dental benefits and coverage based on the plan you choose. You share the costs with the carrier, which pays the dental provider for the services, with the exception of any copays due at the time of service. You then pay the carrier for any remaining payment obligation.


3. Get quotes and compare plans


You can obtain a dental insurance quote online at The quote only requires your zip code and takes only a few seconds. You can shop the plans from multiple top carriers to find the perfect plan for you based on your needs and budget.


4. Look at the plan details


Look into the more details of a plan to know it is best suited to your upcoming dental needs.


5. Dentist participation


If you prefer to keep your dentist, check to make sure he or she accepts the carrier of the dental insurance plan. Either call your dentist or use the carrier’s list of participating dentists.


6. Still having trouble?


Have a question about a term? Unclear about coverage details? Use the live chat button to ask a Dental Insurance Shop broker your questions.

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