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How To Avoid Waiting Periods For Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Shop Staff Writer | September 15, 2015

If you have not had dental insurance for awhile and are currently looking to purchase a dental insurance plan you are probably running into a lot of different plans that have waiting periods. Waiting periods are the period of time when your dental plan will not cover a specific service or benefits. These waiting periods are established to protect the dental insurance companies. They do not want people to wait until they need to get work done, then once they need the work to purchase a dental policy and get hundreds or thousands of dollars of work to just cancel the policy the next month. There are a few different ways of finding a plan that either has no waiting periods or can allow you to waive the waiting periods.


How to waive a dental insurance waiting period.


If you have had dental insurance coverage for 12 consecutive months then most dental insurance companies will allow you to waive their waiting periods as long as you can provide a letter of credible coverage and a benefits summary from your previous dental insurance carrier. This is why it is so important to make sure you don't have a lapse in dental insurance coverage because if you do go even one month without coverage you will either have to find a plan that has no waiting periods or you will have to deal with waiting 6 months to a year to get your major dental work completed.


What if I need work done now and I haven't had 12 consecutive months of dental insurance coverage?


If you are looking to get major work done and you have not have credible coverage for the past 12 consecutive months you can look at purchasing a Spirit Dental Plan or a Denali Dental plan. Both of these dental insurance companies offer dental plans with no waiting periods. They work by having a tiered approach to their dental coverage. The way these plans work is you will receive limited benefits for major services the first year, then the second year you are on the plan the coverage will get better and by the time you are on it for your third year you will have .


If you would like help picking out a dental insurance plan you can contact one of our agents and they will assist you in looking up your dentist and help you find the plan that is the best fit for you and your family.

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